Financial planning for 40 to 55 year olds.


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Challenges that we see people in their 40s and 50s experience:

  • Don’t have a way to organize their entire financial picture to manage everything easily. Their finances look like the junk drawer in the kitchen.
  • Most have been investing in a 401(k) but aren’t sure how that account or the investments are going to really work in their financial plan.
  • They have an advisor but don’t usually question if the plan they have is the one that is going to work out for them.
  • Unsure if they are on track for retirement.
  • Don’t have any idea on how they are going to turn their assets into income or default to “living on the interest” which carries a risk of running out of money before retirement is complete.
  • Have investments but don’t know enough about their investments to know if they are in the investments they should be in.
  • Are behind in their savings goals and aren’t sure how to make saving money a priority.

How We Help Remove Uncertainty

  • Organize their financial picture so they can start managing everything they have easily and simply.
  • Show people how to create habits and behaviors that are going to set them up for success in accomplishing the goals they have.
  • We provide a second set of eyes on the work professionals have helped them with to give them additional resources and direction beyond what they’ve received.
  • Help build a retirement plan that works to ensure you do not run out of income before retirement completion.

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